LF competitve people on PS4 to dominate with

With Battleborn hours away from release, I am looking for aggressive players like myself to PvP with on the PS4. I currently main Ambra and looking for at least a full team to run with. If interested send me a message on PS4: OhitsKay

Or simply post here.

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Best of luck!

Thanks for the fix! Sorry about that.

I feel like just going through all these Online Play forums i could collect like a 100 PSN names to play Battleborn with, but if you do not feel like searching other posts to find mine it is DM-4-Life

Hey there, im looking to for a compitive team that can crush all and having fun while doing so. So if you wanna team up and look for some more same minded people add me on psn xX_Eldar_Xx. Hear ya soon.

Would love to have u get on Ambra for my Gal lore sometime @OhitsKay. :grin:


Iā€™m usually on 3 p.m. cst to whenever. I can play almost every hero effectively but I prefer Marquis. Hit me up whenever.

You can add me too. Tired of losing every fn game.


You can add me rodcent9

You can add me too if you like

PSN: flojow_olf