LF consec-hits facepuncher, level not important

Anyone have a consecutive hits x7 face-puncher? Level is not too important as the damage is coming from the mayhem scaling (obv lvl 65 M10 would be mint).

Not too sure I have much to trade as most of my stuff got sold after the most recent level cap increase, but do have some god roll melee coms (Amara, FL4K and Zane(Infiltrator)) and artifacts at 57 and 60 which work just fine for melee builds.

I’ll send you a x7 and x14 maybe I find a lvl 60 one but otherwise lvl 65 :wink:
What Plaquebearers/Backburners you got? :slight_smile:

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I got an empty bank chap. I have just leveled my VHs up to 65 and sold all my 60 gear. My intention is to use my melee characters to farm for lvl65 gear for my gun characters.

Ah ok I understand then I’m happy to help :nerd_face:

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If ya into melee I have a great bounty hunter and cosmic stalker (lvl 60) with god roll skills and passives, Phasezerker , Breaker and Driver coms with perfect rolls (60) and a lvl 65 infiltrator with god melee rolls :wink:

Also have a god roll 65 Seein dead with gun passives and 5 in donny :wink:

Just running MT atm. Will post photos soon

What for phasezerker and driver? Splash dmg +any combo of hyperion reload hyperion crit dmg crit dmg reload speed would be god roll for me :nerd_face:

Ok just sent a facepuncher starter set to muletastic

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These are the good amara coms I have (melee based)

Yeah thx great ward :grin:
And thx for those com’s I’ll try them

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sent 3 stone white elephants too. Thanks for the gear :slight_smile:

Just saw , they are nice but without aoe dmg that’s the most important one for my amara but thx moze can use them maybe

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also sent a lvl 1 ward ase melee 100% to go with the phaseslam one

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Also sent a couple of artifacts. The knifedrain WE would be good with the urad face-puncher if you were using a front-loader.

If you ever see a lvl 1 ward with 300% roid and sntnl movement anoint please think of me :wink: I have a great melee zane build but am using that lvl 1 ward with ase melee damage.