LF consecutive hit Brainstormer

I have lots to trade including Brainstormers with other aniontments.

oh damn, have seen one of those last weekend but didn’t took it :sweat:

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I have one do you have

Boom sickle ase splash, during gb
Dastardly maggie ase weapon damage, during gb
Friend-bot w/ +5 barabic yawp
Tr4iner w/ +5 grim harvest
Anarchy ×20 ase weapon damage, ase elemental, during gb

Yeah I got a Maggie with 100% ase and rakk attack debuff, pretty sure I still have a gammaburst, and a x20 rad anarchy with 2 mags of cryo on ase.
I’m just about to leave for work so it will be a while before I can trade

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No problem

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I’m hoping on now what’s your PSN?

I called into work lol my psn is TheNotSoMinigun but I won’t until abunch of hours.

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Got what you need !