Lf consecutive hits clairvoyance masher

This is a big thing I’m looking for as well as a Consecutive hits skull masher

I have so much to offer

Sent you the skullmasher and will check if i have the clairvoyance, i mostly look for anything urad

You my friend are a gift from heaven. Which u-rad items?

Still looking for a few from dlc 4 blood starved beast any element except rad and a ogre in urad, didn’t have the clairvoyance masher in ch but i’m actively farming it to see what i get

Drop a friend request and a game invite to lukman4068. I can dupe you one and one for you to mail to @cogbonnaya

Wait what

I got blood starved beast in sntl, ch but I don’t think u-rad. I’ll double check

I’ve got a clairvoyance masher with consecutive hits. Send a friend request and I’ll mail it over, don’t want anything back lol.

Oh my gosh nooo way lol I appreciate this

I think I already have you added? I’m deathshot1234 I’ll double check

Mailed over

You’ve got a friend request from lukman4068. After you accept I’ll mail you over a CH clairvoyance masher.

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