LF Consecutive Hits Hyperfocus corrosive andshock lots to trade

Have a lot to trade. Complete new Moze Build endlessly. Almost entire Hocus pocus Moze Build. All sntno and gamma Hyperfocus. 250 and 100 boom sickles. All lobs gamma 160. 6 different 160 x2 kybs. Rakk pakks and other good Moze flak mods. Tons more lemme know what you need

Damn! Im not sure i have but you want but I have other good stuff to trade. … I’d like the sntnl boomstick ! :smiley:

P.s. I farm a Lot and if you know who drops it, I will farm for it! Lmk

Power troopers at Atlas hq drop it. I also need a corrosive gamma Burst Kings or Queens call, gamma Burst tidal wave, TKs shotgun and sledges all gamma Burst. I have 4 different sntnl boom sickles

Hot Karl drops sledges and dumptruck drops the other two

I’m farming Power Troopers right now. I’ll watch for consecutive hits Hyperfocus and let you know if I get a corrosive or shock one.

The only thing the Power Troopers seem to want to drop today is Thunderball Fists. :frowning:

I swear these dudes have days where they drop one or two items frequently and nothing else. I was getting star helix, and that trans-fusion grenade constantly from them one day. Then the next it was hyperfocus and thunderball fists.

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