LF consecutive hits nopewpew and specific kaosons

Hey guys. I’m looking for a consecutive hits and possibly a 100 ase nopewpew with the 1.8x or 3.3x sight. I really like the multiple projectile cov weapons like the MOARR holey man etc and considering this weapon typically fires 3 rounds per ammo consumed and has a substantial ammo pool before breaking I think it would do really well with the consecutive hits anointment. I’d ideally like a 674 rated nopewpew with the 1.8x or 3.3x sight with the consecutive hits and 100 ase anointments but I’ll take what I can get. I am also looking for specific kaosons and yellowcakes. I have a lot of kaosons but I’m pretty picky about my Dahl weapons, they need to be full auto/burst with at least the 1.5x/3x sight, the extra projectile prefix doesn’t matter so much but I’d like them to be as highly rated as possible(664+) in most anointments. The yellowcakes I’m looking for are all x2 644 rated in sntnl, 125 splash(or 100 ase), 160 splash or 125 Moze fire. I have a lot to offer in exchange. Let me know what you’re looking for, and thank you for your time.

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Would you like this one ? Can mail it when I get back in the game later !

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Could you send me one too? My psn is Yamata_no_Rad

Could you send me it too bro? My psn is Yamata_no_Rad