LF Consecutive hits Prompt Criticals, Unkempt Harolds and Boom Sickles

Got a bunch of Moze stuff to trade, god roll COMs consecutive hits flippers, plaguebeares, Blood Starved Beasts etc. Let me know!

I’ve got prompt crit s w/ch every element a couple harolds with ch too.
But I won’t be on until this evening, I’m looking for minesweepers with 1redistrubution 4tcp aoe/splash/pistol/smg/crit//mag
Psn capnhonkers

I have mind sweeper with 4 TCP 1 RD with Splash DMG, Splash radius and Grenade damage?

That works, send me a fr I’ll accept when I get on later

I’m also looking for miscreant with300/90

Im not on for a few hours but will do so when I get on

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haven’t got a 300/90 miscreant unfortunately, sorry! have added you now

Have Cons Hits Boom Sickle (No Element) & Cons Hits Harold (No Element x3) I am willing to part with. Looking for Blast Master Com (+1 Redis, +4 Vampyr) with SMG Damage, Splash Damage, Maliwan Crit, Weapon Crit and/or CH Flipper w/ Cryo/Shock.

PSN: Cobby2828