LF :Contraband Rico or version of with Rakk or ASE anointment for FL4k. ( see pic )

I have a LOT of Rakk/ ASE anointed for trade.

Only one I’ve found with Rakk so far…

Nice. I have only seen the Contraband Rico in Siren. The search continues :blush:

I found a countraband but it was not annointed.

The amount of variations is so ridiculous, and the scarcity of them being anointed, it’s not something that is very farmable…

Lucky I have a few movies to catch up on…

Movies sound good right about now

I am going to send some FL4k anointed ricos your way tonight but they are not that good.

I have that contraband for siren. Add me on psn budd. Psn: franziraaa