LF Converence Call!

I´m a lvl 70 Gunzerker and i need " Converence call " or a good weapon for " the warrior "
Does anyone have this weapon.?

I have but lvl 72. DPUH and a Grog Nozzle is better with Sal.

do you need this? or can you give me this?
and sry… my english is not so good :smiley: :smiley:

I don´t have lvl 70. I think it´s easier for you to get help with stuff if you level up 2 more levels. I don´t need anything but have for you if you level up to 72.

ohh ok : / i can make me lvl 72. :smiley: you can add me in psn :slight_smile: " Björn Eisold " or " SnowEisold " :smile:

Sure, no problem. Sounds like we´re from same area in Europe, I´m swedish. You?

ok :slight_smile: i`m From germany, my name come from the swedish :smiley: