LF: Coro/Fire Tediore MIRV Shotguns

I’m looking for corrosive and fire MIRV Everblasts (supercharged preferable). I’m also looking for a Bloodletter with plus Tediore and Grenade dmg too.

I have a lot of Moze Coms (Green Monsters, Bloodletters, Rocketeers, and Mindsweepers) to trade as well as some of the new DLC weapons too.


Bump and edited!


Do you have any Lucky 7’s for Fl4k? (100% damage ASE, Rakk attack, etc)

I have what your looking for.

I’m Looking for corrosive x2 ion cannon ASE 100/125splash (also interested in other elements)

Rico ASE 50 shock, rad or corrosive

All-in shield ASE 50 shock, corrosive, fire or rad

Craps ASE 100/125 splash any element

Sorry I only have non annointed Lucky 7s

I’ve got a couple corrosive ion cannons but not in 2x or annointed.

I have the full tediore build for moze but I’m after a blast master class mod with specific rolls, must have at least 2 of the following;
Weapon damage
Smg damage (preferred)
Splash damage

This work?

Sorry like I said at least 2 of the stats I mentioned…