LF Corrosive and Shock Lyudas, Shock and Fire Lucian's Calls, and Last Stand Deathless Artifact

I have a shock recurring hex, 2 phaszerkers, several annointed 125 fire cutsmans, sevreal annointed radiation and fire lyudas, an anointed double fire laser sploder, elemental projectors, etc.

Annointed effects preffered, especially for barrier or drone. GT is Phoenix Wright6. Will be on later, around maybe 5pm Pacific Time zone. Thanks for your time.

Message me when home
Have shock Lyuda for recurring hex?
Gt is X Novia X

I’d be willing to trade the hex for the lyuda, yes.

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I’ll be on when you’re ready

what projectors do you have

I’ll see when I get on, don’t remember all of them. I know I have a projector loaded dice and deathless, not sure about the others

I’ll trade you a fire Lucians Call for a fire Lyuda.

Also have a shock Lyuda looking for recurring hex