Lf corrosive conference call 125 or 100 and kings and queens call with the same anointment excluding fire and cryo

If you have any let me know maybe when can trade

Any corrosive cc’s out there?

@Laggy Hey bud I will have a look for you when I get home from work.

Appreciate it man. Been farming hightower non stop, think i got five cc’s yesterday and none were anointed :roll_eyes:

I’ve seen you sign off, you’ve stopped.

But all seriousness, anyone got any corrosive conference calls? Lol

The only corrosive I have is rakk attack gain 50 crit dmg. I do have rad with 125 to bosses

I also have a fire version with 2 mag corr on ase

And a shock version with 2 mags bonus shock dmg on ase

I have one, but the the annointment is either lifesteal or +Crit damage