LF corrosive custman for zane annointed with cryo

Have lot of flak amara and moze class mods weapons to trade

Got a sntl cryo cutsman. Got any kybs worth x3?

I got a times two with crit 25 at ase. Cryo and corrosive

Yeah, ■■■■ it I’ll take it. Psn - Syngenik

Actually, do you have a digi maggie or sntl maggie?

I only got one Maggie that I havent even opened in my mail yet that I just traded for lol in currently at work and trying to get me a good zane build started before I get him to level fifty. My psn: FallenDark200

Ah, gotcha. I’ll add you in a min and send, if you have a hive I’ll take that instead of kybs if not just send the kybs

Ok cool I’ll double check on what I fully got in the morning