LF: Corrosive Cutsman and Redistributer with 100% Cryo while SNTNL

LF: Corrosive Cutsman with 100% Cryo while SNTNL.
LF: Corrosive Redistributer with 100% Cryo while SNTNL.

Here’s some of what I have to trade:
Cutpurse Deathless/+20% Grenade Damage/+25% Shield Recharge/-20% Shield Recharge Delay
Snowdrift Loaded Dice/+29% Cryo Resistance/+27% Irradiate Change/+27% Cryo Eff
Fortified Bloodletter/+1 TRL/+4 PD/+29% Splash Damage/+31% SMG Damage/+36% Shield Recharge

Gutsy Rectifier/ASE 50% Radiation Damage for 10 Seconds
Resonant Back Ham/SNTNL Active +15% Movement Speed
Redundant Brainstormer(x14)/ASE Weapon Damage increase 100%
Cash-Infused Brainstormer(x7)/ASE Weapon Damage increase 100%
Cutpurse Deathless/+26% Weapon Accuracy/+16% Radiation Damage/+29% Cryo resistance
Proficient Projectile Recursion(shock/cryo)/Killing enemy grants 5% weapon damage and reload speed (stacks)

Eviscerating Mocking Kyb’s Worth(rad/cryo)/ASE Status Effect and chance increased by 75%
Artic Relentless Night Hawkin/Gama Burst + 65%

I have a shock or a corrosive Cutsman with SNTNL. Do you have a good R4KK P4k class mod? Thanks

No, sorry.

I will send you a Cutsman with the SNTNL anoint. Could I get the Rough Rider/ASE gain 50% Incendiary damage for 10 seconds? Thanks GT = Chase D Gamer08

What element is the Cutsman?

Please check your mail. A shock Cutsman. Enjoy the Cutsman.