LF Corrosive Cutsman


Have lots of leggos to trade list what you need and ill see if i have it.

You need a specific anointed or no?

prefer annointed but not needed

Have 2 digi-clone Zane and phasecast. What is your main

main is flak, so niether of those would be helpful :frowning:

Sorry that is what I got.

I’ll send one over matt

What is the rating on your phasecast cutsmans?

I have a corrosive Cutsman with +100% weapon damage on ASE. Works good with Rakks! LF: Last Stand Otto Idol, or any top item

The score on them? I cannot look right now.

Do you run terror?

I have a last stand Otto idol.

can part with one or the other. Add me on psn: calebismybro

Will do, calebismybro . My PSN is bevross
Whichever you don’t want.

What can I send in return?