LF: Corrosive Everblast

Specifically, looking for a corrosive version of this. I’ve got plenty to trade for it, but not everything.

I have a few corrosive Mirvs but they don’t home in but I do have Cryo that does you can have either or. ATM all I’m lookin for is Purple atlas grenad w.mirv and anoint on grenade throw, Rokk Pakk class mod, and Maggie w/ rakk hit anoint or action skill end anoint 100% dmg.

Oh PSN Coyote33W

I’ve got that exact one. I’m looking for the corrosive x16 homing, to upgrade my lob x10 homing. Only thing I’m really looking for.

It’s not x16 but it is homing mirv and perfectly anointed… I have the fire and cryo ones with same anointment

If OP doesnt want to trade for that, I would be happy to. What you looking for?

Only looking for specific rolled items;
Last stand Otto idol with mag size increase and smg damage
Blast master with 1 point in redistribution, and weapon damage, smg damage and either splash damage or mag size increase
Corrosive Kyb’s worth with mag size of 44 anointed 100% damage on ase or 125% splash damage on ase
Quickie anointed with do not consume ammo after exiting iron bear

I may have the otto idol. What’s your psn?

Can you show me a photo of it first please?

I might, what’s it got for the grip accessory? I like the ones that take off.

Let me see if I have those items your looking for. It’s closer to what I want.

Actually, I just looked, and I picked one up liked that not too long ago. So I’ll have to decline.