LF corrosive kyb worth

I have a bunch of things that i can trade. I have a vindicators ghast call / redistributor / moonfires and a ton of other older legendary gear.

I have it.

I’m looking for band of sitorak +50% element on ase.

Cash infused brainstormer with +50% radiation on ase

Sorry i don’t have either of those annointments

What elements are your Redistributor and Moon fires?

i have a shock redistributor / corrosive moonfire / kinetic moonfire

What elements and annointment is your kybs? I do have a band of sitorak with extra 50% shock dmg on ase

Sorry, noticed mine is fire/cryo

That’s nice too. I’d like a copy if possible. COGS8 is my gamertag

Do you have any of the new guns to trade?

Like 2 different em p5?

You get my message about the kybs. Very interested in the sitorak.

How about any Moomfires or Redistributors in elements other than Cryo?

Yup, I can send one over next time online. Maybe later tonight.

Would you like one of the kybs? I can send it over as well. Thx, really appreciate it.

Gt aleszander77