LF: Corrosive Linoge

MOARR Linoge or no “MOAR” prefix which a no prefix one gives x5 on damage with SNTNL active it gives bonus Cyro for annointed.

Also if there is a Brainstormer with SNTNL bonus Cyro then I’m looking for that too.

To repeat I’m need Corrosive Linoge with bonus Cyro SNTNL that comes x4 or x5 damage

I have the brainstormer you have a good last stand Otto idol?

Thankfully I do. I’m pulling it out of my bank.

Again to be sure you have it in Zane annointed with SNTNL giving 100% Cyro bonus?

Yes what is your psn? Also what are stats on last stand Otto idol?



  • Movement Speed
  • Shock Resistance
  • FFYL Duration

Sent request, those stats don’t really go with my flak at the moment so I will give to you and just let me know if you happen upon a different one

Oh alright and thank you. I will be on a lookout