LF Corrosive Lucians Call annointed Beastmaster

Willing to trade many things. As long as I have them

I have a fire lucians gamma burst anointed. I’m looking for gear from the Maliwan takedown.

I have a corrosive Lucian’s call with extra damage per consecutive hit. Do you have anointed Transformer shields? Recursive Hex with anointments? Thx

I’m looking for any grenade with ammo regen while terrified. Gamertag is SWAYZEtrain2

I might, I know I have the Transformer, annointed gunner though. The recursive hex I need to check on. I’ll let you know. My gamer tag is NotQuantumAim

Great, I will send you the corrosive Lucian’s call tonight.
Let me know on the recursive hex.
I think I would be interested in both items. Let me know if you want anything else. Thanks Tom

I don’t have the transformer, I’m sorry. Apparently I gave it toy friend a while back, I didn’t realize. Is there anything else you would like?