Lf corrosive lyuda with sntnl, or best you have

Would like the sntnl one but will take even a non anointed if its good

Do you have an electric banjo or redistributor?

I do

I have a corrosive Lyuda. Not annointed though. Do you want to trade the redistributor?

Do you need anything else for the Banjo?

If its not anointed it needs to be a good one, whats tge damage and mag size?

Its a Annexed Ferrocious
675x2 Damage
567/ 11% corrossive
10% Crit
+15% fire rate
4.8 zoom
-66% accuracy

Yeah i dont think im too interested in that one but send me a message on xbox if you still havent found what youre lookin for and ill send a re and a banjo. Gt : Laggy j

Cheers mate, finally found them. Thanks for the offer.