LF Corrosive Lyudas Anointed

I am looking for a Corrosive Anexxed Lyuda annointed with STNTL bonus cryo.

I have a lot I can offer if anyone has it or the Corrosive Redistributor for STNTL cryo.


I have Rakk Attack .

Do you happen to have a corrosive hedgehog. Sntnl anoint preferred but not necessary. Or do you have a SNTNL x2 Rad Ion cannon

I have the Ion Cannon.

I’ve got a normal lyuda with the rakk anointment if you’re interested.
Unfortunately I still use an unanointed corrosive on wotan :sob:.

Jorge send me FR to buckshotzero. I will send over they Lyuda!!!

Still looking.

Did you not get the Lyuda I mailed you?

Got that on thanks. I’ve since received two more IONs in STNTL in Corrosive and Fire.

Ahh…yeah the Rad is hard to find. I’d take that corrosive if you have time to send.

I’ll be on later and I’ll mail it.

Do you still need the corrosive redistributor?

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In STNTL bonus cryo? Yes I do.

This is one? If so do you have a electric banjo w electrocute chance and shock damage?

Thanks Mate!!

I’ve got a few electric banjos I can look over and a group of friends I can ask if I don’t have it.

Ok, appreciate that. my psn is Ice-T411, I can send this to you when you send a fr

Thanks, Somebody already sent me one, but I will still check my banjos. I just hopped on and it must be spreading like wildfire.

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I’m pretty sure i have that banjo. But not online until later tonight (local time) Can send you a msg then to check if you still need it.

hey just wondering what you would trade for that corrosive distributer? i have all but that one with same anointment let me know what you after?

I don’t need a redistributor, mind if I ask what other dlc gear you may have?
I’m still looking for x2 boomers anointed, binary ion laser fire/shock ase 100% dmg increase. a Maggie w sntnl active dmg inc, same ase dmg for cheap tips, still looking for binary kybs worth corr/shock .

Oh and any perfect com or artifact