Lf Corrosive Quickie x2 160% splash damage.. Have spreadsheet below

Corrosive Redline 5 seconds of infinite ammo.

Corrosive Scourge 160% splash damage.

Have a lot of things. Lmk what you’re looking for.


Anything else you would be willing to trade for #22 on your spreadsheet

Have that if your interested

Probably a spring epicenter 25% damage?

Edit: got the epicenter. Now I’m looking for a snowdrift with Area of effect.

Hey, what you need for rowan’s call radiation 100% ase and recurring hex shock 25% dmg?

I can give you both for a snowdrift with Area of effect. And shotgun damage if possible

I don’t have with that roll, i have only with shotgun dmg, shield recharge delay and electrocute chance. sry

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I have 2 different snowdrift loaded dice with 33 area of effect damage. And I might have a snowdrift Otto Idol with it too.

Interested in your excess projectile on terror Butcher shotguns

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I’m interested in the snowdrift otto idol if it has area of effect.

I’m trying to get logged on to check. Internet is being wonky

Not on the Otto Idol, but the loaded dice does have aoe