LF Corrosive Skeksil with 100% damage on ASE Annointment

Like the title says, looking for a corrosive skeksil with 100% damage on ASE annointment. Have much to trade (terror annoints, siren annoints, some zane annoints, lots of general annoints). I only have Amara’s coms by way of new coms, but have a selection of coms otherwise. Cool with tossing a few things for the skeksil

Edit: Open tp 125% on named/badasses, 125% splash on ASE (general annoint, not moze specific), or next two mags 50% corrosive as well)


I have a corrosive one with the 125% to bosses.
Add me Xmatix_proX


Adding you now. What are you looking for in return?

Looks like we have traded before. You are already on my friends list. I am GuyIncognito84

What do you have for Zane? Either way I’ll mail you the gun

Ha! Nice. Gonna mail it now, since I gtg soon

I have a few executors, and I think I just picked up some random stuff. Let me check my bank

Awesome, just mail it to me. If I get a 100% I’ll mail it

Anyone have a Zane-anointed level 50 shock skeksil they’d be wiling to trade? I’m on PC - StarkRaving.

Do you have same anointment on a Shock King’s Call?