LF Cosmic Stalker lvl65 with +Jacobs critical dmg

Even better if it has +pistol dmg also. I have a ton of legendaries to trade. Thanx

I have to take my brother to work but I’ll check my stuff when I get back.

So I have a stalker with 40% pistol DMG on it

My bad it’s a bounty hunter. But then I did find a lvl 60 stalker with pistol DMG.

I have a Cosmic Stalker, but it’s level 57 (Kept it because it’s really good rolls).

+Weapon Damage
+Jakobs Crit Damage
+Jakobs Weapon Damage.

Lmk if you’re interested.

It’s very good roll indeed. I’m interested. What are you interested for?

I already have one with pistol dmg. Thank you anyway

Okie dokie

Do you happen to have a 300/90 Psycho Stabber?
Globetrotter or a Rad Redline?

If not, still free to add me and I’ll toss it to you anyways.

iPayUrFrenZ is my PSN

I have one with weapon crit and damage, action skill damage. +2 Big Game, +3 IPS

I’ll check for Psycho Stabber when I’m back at home. Thank you very much

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