LF (*cough) less than reputable (*cough) Infinity

Keep seeing this type of Infinity pistol turn up where it fires a burst or something and the bullets look like Torgue shots and bounce off surfaces even if not sued by Gaige. Admittedly, I’m curious.

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you mean the Ricochet Fibber?

Nah, staring at one right now and it’s an infinity. Got the symbol on it an everything.

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I’ve seen screenshots of the infinity pistol you are talking about. Someone made it in the save editor. I think it had the trick shot prefix and the manufacturer was not Vladof.

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This is some of the list that have ricochet properties.

It is probably a modded one if its an infinity. and (*cough) not allowed to be discussed here on the forums.

I figured. I just wanted to double check before I made the assumption that they were doing something less than reputable. I’mma stick with my badass Gaige build thank you very much.

The info is much appreciated!

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check this out for reference.

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Closed before anyone comes along and posts something silly.

And I’ll leave this here just in case: FORUM RULES