[LF] Crader/Night Hawking with 50% cryo while SNTNL [H] A lot of items (Spreadsheet)

Title says it all, another item I am looking for is an Anitfreeze class mod.
Let me know what you need and if you don’t know what you need here are my items (don’t be afraid to ask, ctrl+f is your friend):

I use nighthawkin with my CCC RR Zane and the cryo buff on a nighthawkin is lit but imo if you run barrier a nighthawkin with the crit buff actually deals more damage.

I’ll take your corrosive ase corrosive dictator for the NH.

Dammit @megadethwm you’re loot blocking my trade opportunity here! :laughing:

Pay @megadethwm no mind @Emmettj4 I got what you need :grin:. Plus we’ve traded in the past so we have history.

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Ok good point.
The cryo buff is insanely lit, you’ll be freezing bitches all day everyday.

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Cryo sntnl nighthawkin can be used with other builds tho, some of my zanes dont use barrier so it’s nice to have an all rounded weapon for him :slight_smile:


Can i see a pic of the NH?

I’m working at the moment so I’ll post them later today.

All good, I’ll be on the look out for when you post it then :slight_smile:

I don’t main Zane but I do have trouble making builds without his blue tree, is that the bitter world of an operative?

Its just you

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Thank goodness, I guess he’s not much of an agrro character without all that speed and healing.

On of my favourite zane builds is heavy weapon/clone zane, orange cap stone with either giving your clone a heavy weapon for damage, or a facepuncher to regen your ammo. If you are using the facepcuncher on your clone, use a shredda to destroy everything and you cant run out of ammo cause of your clone with a facepuncher + having a cutpurse artifact equipped. I have this disgustingly good com for it:
Executor = 2 Plaing Dirty, 2 Violent Violence, 1 Good Misfortune, +45% hyperion weapon critical damage, +31% heavy weapon damage, +25% dahl weapon reload speed
Playign dirty lets a 4 projectile shredda shoot 5. Its pretty dumb. For survivability, grab the badass clone from orange tree + the 2 augments on the right of the tree (1 for aggro relief when swapping and 1 for splitting health damage to the clone) and a rough rider will do you good. Also the life steal skill on the blue tree, along with a shredda you heal for all of your health in like 1 shot, and death follows close in the blue tree makes it even better :slight_smile:

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I think I should apologize for taking this off topic.
I haven’t found anything that works as well with clone as a shredded scourge but I haven’t clones myself in m4 yet but that sounds pretty badass.

Don’t worry about taking it off topic, I don’t mind in the slightest :P. I’ve yet to try it properly in m4, but I doubt it’ll do any worse than it already does. Also I have scourges on that build as well, really fun gun to boss with :slight_smile:

I have these. Let me know if you are interested.

Antifreeze +1 Violent Momentum +4 Violent Speed +31% Action Skill Cooldown +45% Hyperion Crit Damage +31% Assault Rifle Damage
Antifreeze +3 Violent Momentum +1 Violent Speed +1 Supersonic Man +31% Action Skill Cooldown +24% Weapon Magazine Size +31% Shotgun Damage
Antifreeze +2 Violent Momentum +2 Violent Speed +1 Supersonic Man +31 Pistol Damage +10% Jakobs Damage +25% Dahl Weapon Reload
Antifreeze +2 Violent Momentum +2 Violent Speed +1 Supersonic Man +50% Melee Damage +36% Shield Recharge Rate +45% Jakobs Crit Damage
Arctic Nighthawkin Cryo - Damage and fire rate on terror
Arctic Nighthawkin Cryo - +300% damage after phaseslam
Arctic Nighthawkin Cryo - +100 melee damage
Arctic Nighthawkin Cryo - +25% crit damage after action skill
Arctic Nighthawkin Cryo - Chance to reflect on terror
Arctic Nighthawkin Cryo - +100% weapon damage on action skill
Arctic Nighthawkin Cryo - +1% damage per consecutive hit
Arctic Nighthawkin Cryo - +50% incendiary damage for two mags

I would definately be interested in the second one in that list, what is it that you are looking for? :slight_smile:

I have some bad news. I don’t have that particular anointment on that particular gun. It was on another Dhal SMG :weary:. Sorry.

A ll good mate, thanks for trying anyway :slight_smile:

How about 1 of these …