LF: Craps Cryo with ASE Splash

Final bit for the collection!
Let me know what you want in return.

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I have a shock craps with consecutive hits, do you have a redline with sntnl or CH?

Hey, yes i have Redlines with conhit. Which element are you after?

Preferably anything but fire.

I’m adding you and sending over all except fire to you tomorrow after work. I just logged off and got to bed.

Guns mailed, thank you :sunglasses:

I saw that you were seaching for a sntl craps as well and i already sent that, do you have a sntnl clairvoyance (the single pellet variant)?

Thanks, only have an masher.

Alrighty do you happen to have a sntnl skullmasher? if not, i don’t need anything else.

I do, sending it over shortly.

Thank you, ill keep searching for more craps.

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No longer needed.