Lf Craps gun 100% cryo sntl. Lots to trade!

Looking for any craps gun with a 100% cryo damage while sntl is out! Have lots to trade in return like complete moze, amara and zane builds!

I have kinetic and shock in sntnl, do you have a x3 kyb’s worth sntnl anointed?

I only have a x3 with 120% splash ase sorry! Anything else you need?

The only other things I’m after right now are Fl4k gamma burst weapons

I got a lot of sntl anointed gear including the rico shield but no kybs. Damn I dont have any gamma gear also just the op jakobs r4kk p4kk gear

I have a kinetic one that is up for grabs if you want it

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Yes please! I’ve been farming for so long for one. Psn is kirkvisa. Anything you after in return?

What I am currently after is on the post. If you have any of it, that would rule, but not necessary.

FR sent

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Cheers man accepted! I’ll have a look at my bank when I get home to see. Thanks again!

Sent. Not a prob. I have been posting up decent drops that I come across while farming. Most everything is always trade free. I only ask that if you do come across something on the list, that you send it my way.

I know I have the bbb with sntl anointment so I’ll send that your way when I get home. I’ll see what else I have also. If you come across any other craps with 100% sntl feel free to send my way also! Cheers man

That BBB with the SNTL anoint would make my day!

I’ll keep you in mind for any more craps drops. Been primarily farming the jackbot

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Yea man no worries. Wont be on for like 3 hours but I’ll send it your way as soon as I’m on

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I have a x2 sntl anointed kybs if your after?