LF Craps Togue Pistols Anointed

Looking for these pistols all elements anointed.

Let me know what you got and what you are looking for.

Thanks alot
Happy Holiday
Psn jotheking

Still looking for those pistols. Can’t farm any good one…

i have some, i check and tell you which anointments

  • kinetic craps w/ +1 rakk attack charge
  • corro craps w/ +30% life steal
  • kinetic craps w/ +50% dmg when enemies have 25% life left

Ok , anything you need? Thanks

yep, i’m looking for those :

shock rowan 100% dmg ase
headsplosion 100% dmg ase or 50% cryo ase
cryo hex 50% fire ase
storm front 50% shock ase

also looking for specific ice breaker and last stand otto idol, and a god roll st4ckbot

Still looking for my Craps pistols!!