LF Crossroads, Cutsman, Brainstormer, Lucians - Rowans Call

Hey guys!

I’m looking for:

Siren Stuff:

  • Crossroads (fire) 250% after phasecast
  • Cutsman (fire, shock) 250% after phasecast
  • Agoraphobic Breaker (+ Melee Damage)
  • Brawler Ward +200 % Melee Damage

Fl4k Stuff:

  • Rowans Call (Gammaburst)
  • Lucians Call (Gammaburst)

General Guns:

  • Crossroads (100% damage after ASE)
  • Cutsman (100% damage after ASE)
  • Fire Lyuda (125% badass, boss)
  • Laser Sploder (shock, cryo, rad, cor) (100% damage after ASE)
  • Devils Foursome ((125% splash damage)

I have anointed:


  • Raisen’s Thorn (cor) 2 mags 50% bonus fire
  • Nemesis (cor) 2 mags 50% bonus cor
  • Nemesis (fire) 2 mags 50% bonus fire
  • Linoge (cor) 300% phaseslam
  • Hellshock (fire) 2 mags 50% bonus rad
  • Thunderball Fist (shock) 2 mags 50% bonus cryo
  • The Flood (11% fire rate 26% reload)
  • The Duc (250% phasecast)
  • The Companion (250% Phasecast)
  • Psycho Stabber (not anointed)
  • Buttplug (not anointed)

Assault Rifle

  • Rowans Call (rad) 250% phasecast
  • Rowans Call (shock) 2 mags 50% bonus rad
  • Shredifier (100% after action skill)
  • Laser Splooder (fire) 100% after action skill
  • Faisor (shock) 125% badass, boss


  • Crossroad (rad, shock, cor) 250% phasecast
  • Crossroad (fire) 125% badass, boss
  • Crossroad (fire) 300% phaseslam
  • Crossroad (cryo) reload & fire rate
  • Long Musket ++ (2 mags 50% bonus cryo)
  • Smart Gun XXL (cor) 2 mags 50% bonus cryo
  • Hellfire (75% damage & chance after action skill)


  • Brainstormer (2 mags 50% bonus cor), 250% phasecast
  • Butcher (fire, shock, normal) 250% phasecast
  • Flakker (100% after action skill)
  • Redline (100% after action skill)


  • MIRV-Tacticular Hex (rad, cryo)
  • Recouring Hex (shock, cryo)
  • Diluvian Firestorm
  • Sticky Quasar


  • Transformer (5% movement speed)
  • Stop Gap (reflect 30% damage after action skill)
  • Resonant Back Ham (5% health)
  • Roughrider (action skill cooldown 20%)
  • Re-Router (5% movement)


  • Lyuda 125% badass, boss


  • Bloodletter (25% weapon damage, 31% shotgun damage, 30% grenade damage)
  • Phasezerker (30% grenade damage, 31% smg damage, +5 grenade capacity)
  • Unleash the dragon

If you have any of these and need something out of my stuff, please let me know! =)

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i do have fire crossroads with %250 damage after phasecast, im interested in your bloodletter class mod, wanna trade?

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Bloodletter was sent! Check your mail :hugs:

crossroad is sent too :slight_smile:

thank you my friend! =)

oh really, i mixed those two im sorry

Of course! The fire crossroads you sent me hast phaseslam… :confused: do you need it back?

just sent you a couple of the things which you have listed above, can you send me those?
Rowans Call (rad) 250% phasecast
Rowans Call (shock) 2 mags 50% bonus rad
Laser Splooder (fire) 100% after action skill
Flakker (100% after action skill)

All items sent! Enjoy :crazy_face:

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I have a couple things on your list like phasecast fire crossroad and phasecast fire and im pretty sure shock aswell cutsman. Do you have any siren phazerker mods with gun damage, (smd,pistol or shotgun damage) and skill cool down. Or one with jakobs crit damage, weapon crit damage and skill cooldown ? I basicly have everything on your list

Sounds like youre my hero!!

I should recive this one in the next 2hrs. Otherwise I only listed the good stuff worth mentioning above :confused:

@ilovemedog so? I’m still looking for a fire anointed crossroads :frowning:

Please tell me you still have these!

Yep still have em! And a cryo crossroads :slight_smile:

I don’t want the Crossroad, but I need that Brainstormer :stuck_out_tongue:

Alright, will be yours in aprox. 5 minutes! =)

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Nice, it’s anointed and better than mine! TYVM :smiley:

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Linoge (cor) 300% phaseslam

Laser Splooder (fire) 100% after action skill

Crossroad (fire) 300% phaseslam

Hellfire (75% damage & chance after action skill) never seen this weapon, it looks cool

I got these for you

  • Agoraphobic Breaker (+ Melee Damage) - fantastic class mod with the melee damage
  • Brawler Ward (Melee Damage) - jup, i got it
  • White Elephant Artefact (i got a lot of these)
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alright I’m leveling currently, send you your stuff as soon as possible! =))

Ok you have all 4 items in your mailbox! =)