LF Cryo Crossroad, Corrosive Cutsman, Band of Sitorak (Lvl 50)

I’m looking for the items I listed above, preferablly with Operative Annointed Stats.
Other operative annointed gear is negotiable as well.

I have the following items up for trade:
Binary Pertinent Cutsman (Siren Annointed for Phasecast status effect % increase)
Shocking AAA Dahl Pistol
The Transformer Shield
Woodblocker (Annointed, action skill end; next two mags hav 50% bonus shock)
Subsidized Brainstormer
Handsome Jackhammer (rad)
Express Firesale Longmusket++
Rowans Call (Annointed for Moze, after exiting Iron bear next 2 mags do 40% bonus incendiary)
Nuclear Infinity
Stark Krakatoa
Stuffed Quadimizer
Firesale Plybius
Tamed Sleeping Giant (Annointed Fl4k, Gamma burst active 65% bonus rad damage)
Kings Call (Annointed Moze, After exiting Iron Bear next 2 mags deal 40% bonus incendiary)
Hawt Pain is POwer
High Capacity Warlord
Itchy Thirsty Bearcat
Maxxed Out Baby Maker ++
Speedloadin Helwalker (Annointed, action skill end increased Status effect chance and damage increased by 75%)
Augmented Front Loader Shield (Annointed Fl4k; Extra charge of Rakk Attack)
Moxxi’s Bouncing Pair Grenade
Impervious Red Card Shield