LF cryo crossroad, reoccuring hex, ice breaker victory rush, anointed cryo lucians call [H] See below

cryo crossroad (pref annoited), reoccuring hex, ice breaker (pref victory rush), annoited cryo lucians call

see below. Also have crossroad (spark,rad,fire) cutsman of every element, Flakker (normal and fire), cloning and mitosis hex mirv hex (rad), butchers, krovvy luyda, viscous luyda, artic night hawkin DP laser-sloder (spark) and more

) lucians/rowans call (fire) and many more


• Reccuring Hex (all elements, anointed)

• Cryo Crossroad (100% damage more after skill ends).

• Cryo Lucian’s Call (100% damage more after skill ends).


• Fire Lyuda with 100/125% damage more after skill ends.

Any chance of phasezerker mods?
Double Penetrating Roisen’s Thorns with anointment?
Elemental projector otto idols?
transformer shield with 13% damage reduction anointment?

I have icebreaker victory rush.

I am interested in the fire Cutsman with Gamma burst.

I have the following, top row, 2nd and 3rd items are perhaps what you’re looking for.