LF cryo juliet's dazzle with SNTL cryo anointment

Would really love it to be the double penetrating (who can say that with a straight face?) Let me know what your after and hopefully we can make a trade I have loads of moze and Zane God roll gear but have access to others readily.

Believe I have one that’s double pen in my vault. Will check. Do you have any seein dead mods with smg/wpn/hyp dmg or band of sitorak w/ 15% movement speed?

I have one with smg dmg and mag size, and another with pistol dmg and mag size. I’d like that DP SNTNL Dazzle. PSN: TheNimbusKid

Low lvl or lvl 53 sitoraak?

I have a seein dead with weapon damage smg damage and magazine size increase

Prefer 53 but lower would work for now.

Whoa I have that mod and this is my thread looking for that dazzle

Oops, replied to wrong person. Was meant for you.

I also have a lvl 50 seein dead with weapon/smg/and pistol dmg

Ok the search continues I might add this weapon is not for me it is for another player who has given away so much stuff to those who need it and it’s always God roll gear he gives so please if anyone has this weapon I’ll trade an entire set of redistributors, cutsmans for zane or kyb’s worth for moze all God roll

I have a dp dazzle with sntl cryo and this if you’re interested

Add mightguyyo