LF Cryo Kaos | Will pay/trade

Looking for an assortment of Cryo element DAHL Kaos assault rifles.

Thank you.

I have one anointed with digi clone swap damage and descent parts. What can you offer in return? Do you have any other anointed dahl guns or good class mods for Fl4k or Zane? Also looking for cryo Lucian’s Call anointed for Zane

I don’t have any anointed DAHL weapons or class mods for ZANE. I do have a cryo Lucians call but not anointed. Also these are the only class mods I have for FL4K ATM.

Not exactly what I’m looking for, sorry.

That’s cool.

I have a cyro kaos, anointed for Phaseslam 300% weapon damage. Even though I use Amara I am not sure yet if I will keep this weapon in my rotation.

If this is up your alley, curious if you have the following:

-Knife Drain White Elephant
-Anointed Redundant Face Puncher (Phaseslam 300% weapon damage)
-Breaker Amara Class Mod (with at +1 Find your Center and +2 or +3 personal space)

Sorry, I don’t think I have any of those.