Lf cryo kaos with sntnl anointment

Looking for a cryo kaos +50% cryo damage when sntnl is out.

Have cryo dp laser sploder anointed for extra damage while terrified and cryo engulfing shredifier with extra cryo with sntnl out and more

I have an Artic Star Helix, Night Hawkin, Lucians Call, and a few others with that anointment. Don’t have the Chaos but wouldn’t mind trading for a Shredder,

If its a cryo lucians call with the +50 cryo sntnl anointment ill trade my shredifier for it!

It is a Cryo Lucians call with the STNTL bonus cryo anointment.


I should be on tonight…if not sunday for a good amount.

Psn Something_kinky.