LF cryo laser sploder

Ive got a lot to trade with ive got a radiation laser sploder a radiation crossroads king call the companion itchy flakker fail safe re-charger anointed hex grenade cryo dmg venomous hornet giant-slayer bounty hunter flak mod, head hunting cosmic stalker flak mod, Pronghorn mongoose de4deye flak class mod, conference call, wagon wheel, hazardous superball, the flood, resonant back ham,atom balm splatter gun artifact

I just need a cryo laser sploder ill trade what ever i can to get it ive got other things on here as well i would hate to part with them but let me know what i can do for you because i would love to have this gun

Any annointed Lyudas or night Hawkins with good rolls for sirens / have cryo need other element on night hawk

I’ve got a cryo sploder. Any anointed cutsman, crossroads or lyuda?

none that are anointed but i have one of each element

I got a DP laser sploder in cryo if that will work

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yes please ive been trying to farm one but ive been reluctant to find one for some time now!!

Whats your GT?

irishking 436

Check your mail!

thank you so much!!! this is gonna help me a lot with mayhem 3!!

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No problem! Hope it helps!

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