LF: Cryo Lucians Call and Cryo Crossroad

LF: ANOINTED ONLY Cryo Lucians Call and Cryo Crossroad

Anointed for Zane or Action Skill End Only

I have a lot of gear just ask and I’ll see if I have it. Things I have for example: deathless artifacts, anointed corrosive lucians calls, anointed speedloadin hellwalkers, anointed night hawkins, rough riders, storm fronts, lyudas, etc. just ask

Some gear I have for trade: ![image|375x500](upload://yR


Bump, still need any Cryo Lucians and only now an anointed Cryo crossroads

Sent you a message also but, have Cryo Lucian’s. Looking to get that Corrosive Lucian’s. Hit me up.

GT: Thang Hung

I’ll get on in a minute and I’ll invite you

Still have the NightHawkin? If so message me. I have a few weapons your looking for. GT: JumpnSpyder