LF Cryo Lucians Call and Cryo Recurring Hex please!

Help a fellow vault Hunter out. I have 60+ legendaries willing to trade if you’re looking for something in return

I have a Cryo Lucians if you have a Last Stand Artifact of any kind.

I’ll check:)

Have a cryo Lucians if you gots a Face Puncher?

I have reocurring hex. Lf an annointed for operative Kings or Queens. Or maybe a Cryo Lasersploder

Sorry folks don’t have any of those

@knittlenick add me Quiixotiic-_ and ill send it you anyways buddy :smiley:

Think I already have you as friend. Njk570

I found a Face Puncher. Mailed it to you

Hi, i have an annointed double penetrating cryo laser sploder.
I need cryo and rad recurring hex
My PSN: kemo_zero

I need a Cryo Hex too lol

Oops i thougt i was replying to @RICH_RULEZ

Yo this me

I have shock Kings Call and Queen Cryo. Non annointed

Hey if u down ill trade for a shock kings

Deal. I just left the house though. Add me on PSN and mail it if you want then I’ll mail the king’s call when I’m home. Shouldn’t be super Long till I’m back

I have the PSN app on my phone so I can add you on PSN whenever. My PSN is NJK570

@ferbeltran Im looking for the annoited double penetrating cryo laser sploder. I dont have any hex gernades though.

Diluvian firestorm maybe?

I dont have that one and I had the one under that but gave it away to someone already. Stead I use zane I usually dont keep grenade Mods. Rather give them to someone who can use them