LF Cryo Lucians Call/ Ice Breaker Victory Rush/ Ice Breaker Otto Idol (H) Lots of Annointed Legends

Lucian’s Call Corrosive (Next two mag incendiary)
Hellfire (Next two mag shock)
Crossroad Cryo (next two mag corrosive)
Kaos Shock (300% Weapon Damage Phaseslam)
Sawbar (300% Weapon Damage Phaseslam)
Laser-Sploder Fire (250% Phasecast Weapon Damage)
Butcher Radiation (125% to Badass)
Shock Cutsman (next two mag corrosive)
Corrosive Cutsman (next two mag shock)
Maggie (next two mag shock)
Casual 1500 Flakker (next two mag shock)
Shock/Rad/Cryo Recurring Hex

I have a Cryo Lucian’s Call. I will trade you for the Lucian’s Call Corrosive (Next two mag incendiary).

I was hoping to find a corrosive Lucian’s Call with two mags shock but I am struggling to find that.

Any chance you have a anointed double penetrating Roisen’s Thorns?
Or an annointed Transformer with 13% damage reduction?