LF Cryo Lucians Call (SNTNL Cryo Annointed) Cryo Reccuring / Mirv-tacular Hex H- A whole lot

Couple of notable items include one of each zane mod, annointed fire Lucians Call (Fl4k Fadeaway accuracy annointment), 2 deathless modes (berzerker and caustic slide), fire crossroads.
The list goes on. got ~3 mules and growing. Plenty of annointed
Also hunting for a Cryo Crossroads, doesn’t need to be annointed but wouldn’t complain :smiley:

I have cryo crossroad with 100% dmg more after skill ends 40(8?) x3 dmg.
Also Cryo Hex anointed with regen grenade on skill start.

Can You show me the 2 deathless You have?
Looking also for fire lyuda with 20+ mag size and 100/125% more dmg after skill ends anoint.