LF Cryo-Lucian's Call


I’m looking Cryo Lucian’s Call…

i have one.
do you have night hawking or perstilent with gamma burst anointment?

I have this,

Red fang (Class mod)
Stop-Gap with ‘+5% health reg when shields are full’
Night hawking anointed ‘+65% dmg boost when Gamma Burst is active’
Anointed weapons with ‘+65% (any) dmg when Gamma burst is active’
or an other Anointed weapons with +65% dmg while gamma burst is active.

I got this one:

I’m looking for a anointed cryo (i’d also take a fire one) crossroad with either: “while barrier is active +60% accuracy and 30% crit damage” or “while sntnl is active gain +50% bonus damage as (elemental) damage”.
Also looking for a cryo Butcher and cryo Laser Sploder with the same anointments as above, if you happen to have those.