LF Cryo Lucians Call

Would love anyone that you dont need. If its annointed towards zane that would be cool but anyone would do!

Thanks =)

GT: Aggitated Yeti

I have a cryo Lucian’s call.

are you willing to part with it?

Care to trade for it?

What are you looking for?

I honestly really want a super everblast ++ tediore shotgun, however nobody seems to have one. Also looking for any good Zane anointed weapons. Also some good artifacts and such. Not sure what you have to part with

Or the unlimited super everblast ++ I think it is. The x18 or x20 purple tediore that Mirvs and homes

not a whole lot of zane stuff… I am a Moze Main. Looking for the Lucians for my brother for his build. I have some zane annointed stuff that i have aquired during farming and what not. I think i have a class mod. not sure which one.

I dont have the super everblast.

Can you show what you have?

i am at work currently so wont be home till later.

Oh ok. Well hit me up at the Gamertag R0nald Weasl3y

The O is a zero

Doesnt look like i have any zane annointeds are you looking for anything in particular?

Nothing particular. Really want a Kyb’s Worth SMG right now

I just got an anointed Cryo Lucians call btw

Awesome! I do not have the smg you are after. Have a couple annointeds but nothing too special.

I do still have it. What do you have to trade?

I am looking for Zane class mods, +weapon damage, + recharge rate, redundant facepuncher, moonfire, good nades, anointed transformer shield

i dont have much zane stuff i believe i have one class mod. i will have to check

I have 2 Lucians with terror anoints, have any good terror gear u would wanna trade?