LF : CRYO MIRV-Tac hex | Will trade; list below


Hello everyone!

I am in need of a CRYO MIRV-Tacular Hex. (I have an annointed Radiation MIRV-Tac Hex if you’re willing to trade)

But here here are things ill part with;

*Cryo Negating Resolute Lyuda
*Resolute Lyuda
*Fire Rowans Call (No annointment)
*Shock Rowans Call (Annointed {On action skill end, deal 125% more weapon damage to badass, named, and boss enemies for a short time.})

*Cocky Flakker (Annointed {On action skill end, critical damage is increased by 25% for a short time.})

I also need a Legendary operative class mod, one that specifically has +% for JAKOBS weapons

Thanks again!


Just to make sure, just a Cryo Lucian’s, non-anointed?

Would you happen to have a Bloodletter with SMG damage or Deathless relic w/ SMG damage?

I have to check but actually have both. I do not need the Lucians call anymore but if you got a ghast grenade or the cryo hex mirv I’ll be willing to trade it

If not you can have the one I dony use. This is for Zane correct?

I have a Ghast Call but it’s the base version unfortunately :confused: it’s for a Moze SMG build!

I need the rowans with the annointment . is there anything else that you might be looking for? I have a little bit of everything

What you got for Zane? Looking for class mod with jakobs damage%+