LF Cryo Old God with bonus Radiation ASE Anointment

Hi, everyone. I’ve been farming for days and can’t even get an Old God with the bonus Radiation damage anointment to drop let alone the Cryo one I am looking for. Can someone please help me out?

My gamertag is Bat Chew Doom

Let me know whatever I can send in return.

I’m also looking for a x25 Stagecoach with bonus Cryo damage anointment.

Thank you!:purple_heart::unicorn::purple_heart:

I think there is a bug with the old God atm where it doesn’t drop with ase anoints. It does drop with sntnl move speed.

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i’ve seen them on eBay, just can’t find this specific one. I did but it was unfortunately on PS4😣.

Keep searching but please don’t ever pay for it! :smiley:

Yep, it seems to be bugged. I’ve farmed these for many hours and have gotten many of them. Not a single one has an ASE 50% dmg anoint.

I still can’t get a Cryo one with the SNTL speed anoint.