LF: Cryo/Radiation Redistributor, 100% Cryo Anoint


Corrosive Cutsman, 100% Cryo, ASE 125% Dmg to Bosses
Corrosive/Fire Kyb’s Worth, ASE 125% Splash Dmg
Corrosive Redistributor, ASE 100% Dmg, Phasecast 250%
Nukem, 100% Cryo Anoint
Dastardly Maggie, 70% Crit Barrier
Version 0.m, 15% MS Drone

And much more

Hey I’ve got a Cryo one. I wont be home for another 6 or 7 hours though

I don’t suppose you have a fire Scourge with 100% Cryo STNL?

I’m afraid not :confused:

My ID is Chrues. PM whenever you can.

I’ve got one for trade.

Turns out I have the rad one as well.