LF cryo recurring hex with "On grenade thrown" annoint

I have farmed these stupid Skybullies for 2000+ times and I can not seem to get this variant. Got lots of Zane 100% cryo with Sentinel gear and some other good stuff for trade. Let me know what your searching for and we can trade.

I got u fam! :smile:

Oops … I thought I had the recurring but I only have …

Ya i’ve gotten those variants. Getting a Recurring to drop is a nightmare alone. Getting annointment also seems like a miracle lol.
P.S. Glad you enjoyed the COM i sent. It’s really good for a Bekah build!

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Did u send me one also? :pleading_face:

What is your Epic Id?

Same as here. Plus I’m sad because you forgot about me. I thought our previous trade meant something to you :cry: :sob: :sneezing_face: :frowning_face:

You confuse me with someone, I don’t have u in my friend list

I guess you just have one of those faces :laughing:

Thanks a ton! If you need anything don’t hesitate to ask!

Do either of y’all have a SNTL/cryo anointed The Duc?

I’ll check. I know i’ve seen one but don’t remember if i actually put it in bank. If i have it i’ll send to ya.

Thanks! :star_struck:

Just found one. Sending it to you!

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Did u get the SNTL/cryo Wedding Invitation sniper yet? I’ve been farming for one and I have it. LMK if you are interested.

Ya i got the sniper with 100% cryo and the barrier annoint with crit damage. The sniper is bad ass! SMG seems awful lackluster even with the 100% cryo annoint. Was gonna farm it for a Moze weapon but meh lol.

I’m trying to farm hearts for the ghast call grenade since i missed the halloween event. Supposedly there is a variant of it that is extremely good. Also gotta get me some new Redistributors and Cutsman’s… First one sucks ballsack. As many times as i’ve done takedown i’ve never seen a single one with cryo annoint. Wish the hearts spawned in takedown. Would spam the hell out of it…

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