LF - Cryo Redistributor

As title says, looking for a cryo Redistributor. It does not to be anointed but that is a plus. I have an assortment of weapons listed below for trade.

*damaged by rakk attack get 100% extra damage.
*after case phasecast get 250% extra damage.
*grenades with 50% element on ASE
*class mods from new DLC

…and so on.

I have Redistributors.

currently I am looking for SNTNL Corrosive Dictator, SNTNL Rad Queens Call and Gamma Burst Cutsman Fire/Corrosive

Sorry bud. I do not have any of those rolls unfortunately.

Whats your PSN. I’ll Send you one for replying. what anoint are you looking for 100% ASE or SNTNL ?

If you have a cryo SNTNL that would be awesome.

PSN - Renovatio_Zero

I’ll send you a friend request from DR_EVIL_GN
I have a cryo with cryo Sentinel anoint

Sounds good.