LF Cryo Rowans call or Cryo Lucian call or Cryo laser-sploder [PC]

Been trying to get a cryo assault rifle for hours and hours. I have lots of legendarys to trade. Only Luyda I have is a Cryo Luyda

Also if someone has a reoccurring hex (cryo) that would be great

I have a Cryo laserslpoder

what are you looking for? IGN is glazemycake

do you have cryo crossroad?

I do not, only spark crossroad

Any chance you have a Icebreaker Otto Idol? I have cryo lasersploder

just an elemental boost Otto Idol

Ive got a cryo lucians for sure and maaaaybe a rowans? Cant recall. Could use a redundant brainstormer or face puncher if youve got em

I have this one to trade

Sure, im Luckfarmer on epic if you want to send a friend request whenever