LF Cryo weapons PSN

LF Cryo weapons with the 50/150 rad annointment.
The Lob.
Boom Sickle.
Have gear to trade.
PSN is wonga-bunny.

Got any L60 M10 - 50/150 monarchs X8 or soulrenders

No sorry I don’t have any of those.

What other 50/150 wpns do you have

I would have to check next time I’m on as I do have a few. Please note the post is “LF” as in “Looking For”.

I know you are looking for them and I have some of them. I am looking for other 50/150 weapons as I run rad zane and like to hoard weapons. LMK what else you may have with 50/150 and maybe we can make a deal with what you are LF, cheers

Ok cool I’ll check hopefully tomorrow.

I have monarch x4 and many weapons 50/150 like light shows, gargoyle or dakota. What are LF?

Do you have any soulrenders and is there an element of your X4 monarch? What are you looking for?

Yeah got soulrender 50/150. The monarch is not elemental. LF reflux 50/150, beacon 100%SNTNL shock primary element and red fang class mod with weapon/AR damage, action skill damage/cooldown. But mostly the class mod

Add me, paco97214

Any element on soulrender. Only red fang I have is wpn crit dmg, hvy wpn dmg, grenade dmg.