LF Custman w/ ASE

I have been beating away at Borman for countless hours and, honestly, i can stand to look at him any more. Im looking for a ASE Rad or Cryo Cutsman. Please send help! I have tons to trade, just let me know.

GT: IN0 JUMPEIR (copy and paste it)

The Cutsman doesn’t come in Rad or Cryo elements. Also Borman is very stingy, all the ones I’ve gotten are world drops.


I have Cutsmans 100% ASE (lvl 53) in all elements (Fire, Corrosive, and Shock).

Looking for:

  • Shredifier (kinetic) w/ 125% fire next two mags
  • Faisors (looking for radiation or cryo) w/ 125% fire next two mags
  • Faisors (All elements) w/ consecutive hits 1%
  • Sickle (kinetic) w/ 125% fire next two mags
  • Redistributers (rad or cryo) w/ 125% fire next two mags
  • Maggie w/ 125% fire next two mags
  • Marksman com (any level) (+1 Redistribution) w/ mag size and weapon/ sniper damage
  • Snowdrift w/ mag size and sniper damage
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Yea, I’ve given up on farming Borman. The few Cutsman I was getting from him weren’t anointed. I’ve gotten more from world drops.

I will see what i have from your list and get back to you.

I thought so as well until i recently for the guns Wiki on Mental Mars. There it shows and lists Cryo and Rad. Idk, could be why i never found it.

I’ve gotten more from Giga and Freddie, haven’t found any with a truly good annoint BUT it’s still a Cutsman.

Those are the two farms that I do the most, especially Freddie.

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Freddie is a bit more “work” but he seems to drop a better assortment, other than the constant Auto-Aime :laughing:

I can drop Freddie pretty quickly with Amara using Ties that Bind. If you take out Freddie, Petunia and Dandelion, the other bots usually stop appearing.

Auto-Aimes all go directly to the vendor. :smile:

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I have a few here - Few Guns to Trade (Numerous Cutsmen + Maggie)